Grocery chains cutting the hours for getting more time to restock

Grocery chains cutting the hours for getting more time to restock

The grocery chains have been cutting their hours for having a lot more time to restock their shelves and sanitizing their stores and also a few retailers have been closing on the response for the coronavirus outbreak. Two among the largest store chains of grocery have been serving the Long Island and have adjusted the hours of operation starting from the week with Monday as per the officials. The stores are going be open from the morning of 7:30 am till 8 p.m. The pickup services have also been suspended and the online shoppers may be expecting delays due to the increase in demand. The stop and shop officials have said that they similar to the retailers have been expecting a few shortages and they are doing everything that is possible for getting products to the stores and restocking their shelves on all the communities.

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All the stores of Wild by Nature and King Kullen are going to also have the adjusted hours from this Monday and the officials with the chain of supermarket have said that they will be open from the 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. till further notice is given.

The change of the hours are going to be enabling the King Kullen for the better service to the customers providing the relief to these employees giving store teams time for the conducting of the additional sanitation for prevention and allowing a lot more efficient restock of the products on the shelves.

Walmart also has adjusted the store hours which begin on Sunday. The stores will be open from the 6 a.m. till 11 p.m. till there is further notice given by the retail giant.

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