Study suggests few drugs may be used for killing cancer cells.

Study suggests few drugs may be used for killing cancer cells.

A study which has been conducted recently has said that the drugs which are used for inflammation, diabetes, alcoholism or even for the treatment of arthritis in dogs is also capable of killing the cancer cells in the lab. The researchers had systematically made an analysis of a lot of the already developed compounds of drugs and had found close to 50 which have been unrecognized previously activities of anti-cancer. The findings which were surprising and had also revealed a new mechanism and target of drugs for suggesting a way to possibly accelerate the development of the newer drugs related to cancer or the repurposing of the existing drugs for treating cancer.

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The researchers thought that they were going to feel fortunate in case even one of the compounds had been found with the properties that were anti-cancer however they were surprised at finding so many as per the researchers.

This new work is appearing in Nature Cancer which is a journal. This is the largest study yet that has employed the Drug Repurposing Hub of Broad which is a collection that is comprising currently of over 6,000 drugs that are existing and the compounds which are either approved by FDA or have been proven safe during the clinical trials when the study had been conducted and the hub had as many as 4518 drugs. This is also the maiden time when the researchers have screened the entire collection of the drugs which are non-cancer for their capabilities of being anti-cancer.

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The scientists have historically been able to stumble upon the uses which are new for the existing medicines like they discovered the cardiovascular benefits of aspirin.