Tesla performs better than expectations beating Ford comfortably

Tesla performs better than expectations beating Ford comfortably

Tesla has been performing very well as the maker of electric cars have delivered more of their vehicles than the expectations of their investors in 2019’s last quarter which had sent their stock prices to a record level. Tesla’s stock had ended 2020’s first week at a level of more than $443 in a share. The market capitalization of Tesla has now been at close to $80 billion which is over twice of Ford which is at $37 billion.

The market cap of Tesla had first exceeded that of Ford in the month of April in the year 2017. These two companies had begun the year 2018 at the same level as Ford had been valued at $52 billion while Tesla had been valued at $54 billion. Tesla had been mostly leading after this. The market cap of Ford had been last above Tesla’s in the month of April in the year 2019 post the automaker turning a good first quarter in the year.

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Tesla is now clearly leaving behind Ford. The investors definitely have reasons for being optimistic. Tesla has managed to delivered a lot more of the electric cars than any more brand. The Model 3 is the electric car which is the most popular of its kind in the world as it is selling thrice of what the number of the models sold of its nearest competitor which is BAIC EU-Series of China in 2019’s first 11 months.

Like a lot of the other automakers traditionally, Ford has been playing catch-up in this industry. Last year in April, it had invested $500 million in Rivian which is a maker of electric trucks for the technology of their battery.

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