Non-Toxic Solar Cells Could Soon Be A Reality

Installation of solar panels is escalating in the United States, with early 2019 observing over 2 Million new installations—a record-high count, as per the latest Solar Energy Industries Association and Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables report. An engineers’ team from the Washington University, St Louis, found the KBaTeBiO6, a bismuth-halideContinue Reading

NEC To Add Six New Energy Storage Projects With Capacity Of Over 20 MW

A Massachusetts-based advanced batteries-manufacturing company, NEC Energy Solutions has recently declared its six new energy storage projects with the capacity of over 20 MW at different metropolitan power stations. The recently announced projects are located in the different states under New England, US. The projects are based on the prototypeContinue Reading

Electric Vehicles Could Help Wind Farms To Utilize Surplus Energy

The global electric vehicle (EV) market is emerging at a flourishing pace, with the motive of significantly reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide, which is emitted by the existing gas-powered vehicles and other sectors. However, the growing adoption of electric vehicles begins to face fuel scarcity, as the energy grids are notContinue Reading

Form Energy Gets $40 Million in Funding For Advancing Grid Storage System

Form Energy—a Massachusetts-based long-duration renewable energy storage startup established in 2017—thought that it would take almost a decade to develop a grid for long-term efficient storage of energy. However, in the last year, the company reached even closer to its goal by making progress in its work. The company’s co-founder,Continue Reading