Sanmar And Corvus Energy Have Teamed Up To Create Zero-Emission Tugboats

Zero-Emission Tugboats

Sanmar Shipyards and Corvus Energy are delighted to report that they have just signed a MoU. The agreement, which was inked in Turku during the European Tug Owner Association Conference, intends to establish a new line of hybrid and zero-emission tugs based on Robert Allan’s design.

The MoU allows the two companies to work together to research and define a roadmap for the supply of goods or services, as well as the incorporation of fuel cell technology and energy supply structures for a broader range of progressive and low-cost electric & hybrid tugs to be built at Sanmar Shipyards in Turkey. Corvus Energy will oversee battery and fuel cell technologies, as well as battery room design and dimensioning, as well as power system and fuel interface guidance.

“Sanmar, as always, is focused on pushing forth with technology, particularly pioneering solutions that contribute substantially to our customers’ and society’s progress towards a cleaner and sustainable future,” stated Ruchan Civgin, Commercial Director of Sanmar. Corvus Energy is setting the standard for how energy storage systems are used by inventing new technology and investigating ever-newer methods to employ energy storage to optimize energy use and save costs. The Memorandum of Understanding signed with Corvus Energy will help leverage all of our significant strengths as leaders, pioneers, and inventors in our respective fields to speed up the development of essential, low-cost and efficient sustainable battery and hybrid tugs.”

“The tug and workboat industry are critical to Corvus Energy’s upcoming growth strategy,” says Ronald Hansen, Snr VP Ship Solutions at Corvus Energy. “Because the operational profile of workboats and tugs is highly varied, battery and fuel cell technology are especially favorable for them.” This Memorandum of Understanding with Sanmar, one of the world’s major tugboat manufacturers, will aid in the development and availability of more efficient zero- and low-emission tugs.

The tugs will be designed by Robert Allan and will have a bollard pull of 30 to 70 tonnes. Given that the projected execution date is set to coincide with the Tug Technology 2021 conference (25-26 October) in London, UK, both organizations evidently want to move swiftly toward the signature of a complete Cooperation Agreement.

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