Tennessee Declares Energy Plans Turning Us Market On Its Head

Tennessee Declares Energy Plans Turning Us Market On Its Head

The solar market in the US has earlier been ruled by California. It has always been the stalwart of the US solar market. Now, as federal support for the sector gets weak, a lot of utilities, states, and regulators are proceeding anyway.

The advantages for California are now visible for other states to see. There are almost a million solar set ups in the state and the industry provides work for 76,000 individuals. In the previous decade almost 40–60% of all the solar deployed in the US has been in California. But this scenario is now altering.

The TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) has just accepted its own energy plans. These comprise a rather huge 14GW of solar set up by end of 2038. That seems like a remote goal but that is 18 years at a rate of over 750MW annually and time is running. For context, the state had merely more than 350MW deployment in total as of Q1 of this year.

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On a related note, Tesla has disclosed a solar rental scheme developed to create clean energy a no-brainer for homes. The scheme provides panels for houses for almost $50 monthly, with possible savings crossing more than $150 monthly for some users. “It is essential that the entire world shifts to sustainable power, so we will make prices as low as achievable,” CEO Elon Musk claimed on his Twitter account.

It is part of the firm’s long-standing objective to motivate society to get rid of the fossil fuels and shift to sustainable options, in the midst of a heating planet supported by climate change. Tesla, which in 2016 amalgamated with SolarCity, also provides Solar Roof retrofit panels and tiles together with its battery products and electric car. In 2018, these plans have strengthened: Tesla has also declared plans to launch out the solar roof further, create several terawatt-hours of batteries annually, and set up the Megapack for huge-scale projects.

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