Redline Communications Collaborated with TEC India to offer an Effective Virtual Fiber Solution for the Top Oil & Gas Company

Virtual Fiber Solution for the Top Oil & Gas Company

Redline solutions will be brought into action to support 29 offshore and onshore programs for an Indian government-owned company. Redline Communications Group Inc. offers mission-critical data infrastructure for the harsh and remote surrounding environment. The company announced recently that the Telephone Electronics Corporation of India had chosen Redline’s award-winning Virtual FiberĀ® solution to help in executing the operations for Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC), a top energy company. The Telephone Electronics Corporation of India is a communication network system integrator in India.

It is said that RDL-3000, an efficient offering from Redline, will be deployed at ONGC’s Neelam Heera Asset site to help improve speed, capacity and facilitate long-range wireless connectivity for around 29 offshore and the onshore remote field. It will help the company to exponentially raise its capacity and improve its functionality.

“Oil and gas companies are faced with extreme operational challenges as they seek to improve automation, production efficiency and employee safety in all locations, including those in remote and extreme conditions,” comments Richard Yoon, President, and CEO of Redline Communications. “Redline’s Virtual Fiber solutions are proven to provide extreme reliability and performance that enable true digital transformation of data infrastructure in the oil and gas industry.”

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The virtual fiber technology from Redline offers 99.9% of connectivity to sensors and machines and is also successfully certified to be executed in zone 2 surroundings, assisting industrial businesses to use critical data at most critical and isolated times and locations.

Also, Redline recently grabbed another tender to widen its services to added ONGC fields for around six months.

The growth in the oil and gas sector plays an important role in boosting the economy and further impacting other sectors in the country. However, the Managing Director of Telephone Electronic Corporation of India stated they are thrilled to work on unanimous efforts of Redline communication and TEC India to improve the energy operations with advanced, cost-effective, and powerful data networking solutions that will enhance worker safety productivity and also generate opportunities which will thrive up the economy.

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Redline communication manufacturers and designs advance wireless network-wide areas for mission-critical applications in remote and challenging locations. The company network is highly adopted by oil and gas companies at both offshore and onshore sites, by municipalities to work and monitor infrastructure remotely, mining companies for underground and surface operations, and also by specialized telecom service vendors to offer premium services. A number of businesses globally are relying on Redline to deliver planned, ruggedized, reliable, and secure networks for their video communication, data, voice, and IoT services.