The Oil And Gas Industry Can See Major Changes In 2020 US Elections

The Oil And Gas Industry Can See Major Changes In 2020 US Elections

At the time of Democratic presidential debate on July 31, Joe Biden—Former Vice President of the U.S.—gave a response to a question regarding his support to the manufacturing of domestic coal, natural gas resources, and oil. He said, “No. We will sort it out and ensure it is removed, and no more subsidies are provided for either one of those, period.” On the same note, in a speech on August 22, Senator Bernie Sanders stated, “The executives of fossil fuel should be prosecuted criminally for the devastation they have caused knowingly.” These two pointed, blanket, and unskilled remarks from the two major candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential election has raised the image of an all-out conflict on the oil and gas industry throughout the next Democratic presidential administration, in spite of who that Democrat happens to be.

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This is true particularly as every other candidate for the selection has expressed similar statements of aggression pointed at fossil fuels. Provided the party’s near-undisputed adoption of different climate change intends based off of the GND (Green New Deal) planned by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, this should really come as no shock to those who closely monitor national politics. This may be true since industry officials as a class overpoweringly supported Hillary Clinton during 2016.

On a related note, earlier, Senator Sanders unveiled a comprehensive $16.3 Trillion GND plan in the midst of climate crisis. Sanders disclosed the GND with climate change program before a campaign stop in Paradise (California), the city that experienced a devastating wildfire in 2018. Sanders is an early supporter of the activist-inspired GND agenda and introduced with Republicans Earl Blumenauer and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which is a resolution to announce climate change as a national emergency in July.

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